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Student Exchange

This exchange is a platform for students to connect with other students from both countries  Morocco and U.S.A.   The hope is to exchange ideas, share experiences and explore ways of developing connections and networks. 

Students in the U.S.–  More and more students are traveling from the U.S. to Morocco for humanitarian causes, study abroad, student exchange or as a group of tourists.  The truth is that traveling to a foreign country is an exciting opportunity, but, it can also cause students to have anxiety and fear from what is unknown or expected. Learning some customs and Darija can help immensely with your travel experience and duration of stay.

Students in Morocco-  Many students are immigrating or traveling for a short period to the U.S.  Some have an idealistic view of the U.S. based on hollywood movies or music videos.  It is important that students have a realistic picture of where they will live or travel, so they are not deeply disappointed.  The lifestyle and environmental differences from both countries can leave students feeling lost and unsure of who they are.

It is crucial to connect students with other students for a dose of a reality check based on their generational experiences. Teachers and students can complete the contact us form if they are interested in connecting with other students. You can also email for more information.

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